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Kāore te kumara e kōrero ana mo tōna ake reka

The kumara does not brag about its own sweetness

This is true of the Burnside High School Technology team, in particular Steve Rodkiss, Toni Maddaford and Samuel O’Sullivan who have spent countless hours working on this so that all teachers can access this incredible resource. It’s their full Year 9 and 10 programme of work. They are offering a webinar to follow and their generosity of making this available for teachers to copy and make their own is an incredible gesture.

This includes a how to use it and make a copy option if you are editing.

How to use this resource

Non-Editable website

Editable website (You will need to make a copy and save to your own drive.)

Whole folder link

We are committed to growing Mātauranga Māori and weaving different knowledge lenses into all we do. We are aware this course and resources need to be strengthened in this area and we are currently working on this behind the scenes.