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Why was this website built?

This website was built to support Digital Technology and Hangarau Matihiko educators throughout New Zealand. We have seen the need for a specialised resource hub for this area, plus a central space for community and professional development opportunities. We have been planning this website since 2011, and now have the resources and skills available to bring this to reality.

How do I share my own resources?

Currently resources are only uploaded from the DTHM for kaiako team. We plan to add the ability for anyone to upload resources at a later date.

How can I search for resources?

Search functionality is not yet implemented. This is a critical feature that we wish to take time to make sure it is implemented correctly.

It would be great if you could add a feature to the website that...

Please let me know any ideas, feature requests, or other feedback by sending us an email. This website is built for you, so we would love to improve it in any way possible.

I have found a bug on the website!

Please sending us an email explaining the bug you found. If it's an interface issue then please attach a screenshot.

Is this website open source?

The software powering this website is open source on GitHub. The website is hosted on Google Cloud Platform.