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Sustainable Development Goals
A resource for schools to Design and Develop a Digital Outcome to promote an SDG

This has been designed to align with Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes Progress Outcomes 2 and 3

This resource has been developed in collaboration by Gerard MacManus, Bronwyn Hoy and Arnika Macphail.

It has been designed for schools to use as a guide and adapt to make it their own.

Thank you to Rolleston College, who were the first ones to use this and provide feedback.

NOTE to anyone using this: Please use this as your own. You will see the opportunities for integrated subjects such as Maths, Health, Science, Literacy etc as you move through with your students. Please take the time to acknowledge these with your students as you move through. We have not made these explicit in the planning as it depends which activities you choose to do and where you take this.



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