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The sweet computer
How can a computer learn from experience? 
The class challenge a machine made of sweets to the game of Hexapawn (a little like a game of chess with only pawns and on a 3x3 board). At the start the machine only knows the basic rules of the game. The more it plays the better it gets: when it loses the class punish it by eating its sweets allowing it to learn from its mistakes.

Win at tic-tac-toe
What is a programming about? 
How can computers win at games? 
Explore programming without worrying about programming languages and investigate how a computer is able to win at board games like chess, by writing instructions to play perfectly at noughts and crosses followed by a tournament to find the best.

Intelligent Paper
What is a program? 
What is intelligence? 
Hold a competition between an artificial intelligence: a "highly intelligent piece of paper" and a human. In this ongoing challenge between the best of humanity and the best of paper-kind the paper has an unbeaten record. It is yet to lose a game of noughts and crosses.

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