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This assessment is being phased out, be sure to check the expiry date of the achievement standard.

For 2.44, students will need to do one project on data representation (each data representation guide contains two data types), three projects for encoding, and one project for human computer interaction. They must do one encoding project for each of the three encoding areas - compression, error control coding, and encryption.

The guides the student picks will depend on whether they are aiming for Merit/Excellence, or on just getting the credits. Note that Merit/Excellence for this standard requires time, commitment and a willingness to do additional reading.

Representing Data

Achieved Guides

For Achieved, students will only need to choose 1 guide. The guides cover 2 data representation topics, fully covering the requirements for data representation at Achieved.

Merit/Excellence Guides

For Merit/Excellence, students will need to choose 2 guides. Each guide covers 1 different data representation topic.


For Achieved, students need to pick three Achieved projects with one from each of the three encoding topics (giving a total of 3 encoding projects)

For Merit/Excellence, students need to pick one Excellence project from one of the three encoding topics, and two Achieved projects; with one from each of the other two encoding topics (giving a total of 3 encoding projects).

Human Computer Interaction

Students will need to pick one project from here. Which they pick will depend on whether they are aiming for Merit/Excellence or Achieved.


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