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An oversized joystick, in the style of a 1980s gaming console, sits on the footpath attracting attention of pedestrians and commuters. On the opposite side of the road there’s a 5m-wide screen mounted on the Vodafone Building across the road. Super Street Arcade takes gaming to a whole new level. You’ll need two or three people to work the controller, so make a new friend and have a go! Not only is the game fun to play, it’s the game is fun to watch and the people playing are fun to watch as well!

Design a storyline for a game that you would like to build for SSA Design a game for the spring - we will be choosing a number of games to trial and play on SSA. Devise and conduct a survey of your playground- are there some places that encourage play and interaction more than others? What could you add to your playground to make it more fun and interactive? Create an outdoor game based on a video game such as Pac Man. Share it or play it with your class.


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