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Case Study

Digital technologies students have mined New Zealand crash data to map out factors behind safe road use. Computers were crunching big data sets of up to 30,000 records as year 13 students ran investigations into road crashes. They were using real data from a publically available source, the NZ Transport Agency’s Crash Analysis System (CAS).

About the data

The crash data provides information about each individual traffic crash reported to the Transport Agency by the NZ Police since 1 January 2000.

Crash data source

The data was extracted from the Transport Agency Crash Analysis System (CAS). CAS records all traffic crashes as reported to the Transport Agency by the NZ Police. Not all crashes are reported to the NZ Police and the level of reporting increases with the severity of the crash. Due to the nature of non-fatal crashes it is believed that these are under-reported.

CAS covers crashes on all New Zealand roadways or places where the public have legal access with a motor vehicle.

Updates in the latest release

December 2019 – this release includes crash data up to the 30th of June 2019. 


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