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Starts: 3:30 p.m. Tuesday 25 August, 2020

Ends: 4:00 p.m. Tuesday 25 August, 2020

Cost: Free!



In this 3 part series Trevor and Melissa take you on a journey from '2020 ready' to 'leading and innovating' as we look at planning engaging, digital technologies integrated, projects with self-assessment tools.

This series, which will continue in September, reviews previous projects and explores how you would recognise what the next steps are for your students, and for your students to recognise what their next steps are. These projects are differentiated for each of the progress outcomes, and we’ll look deeper at how you can identify when a student is ready to focus on new programming, and design and developing digital outcome concepts.

This virtual meetup is aligned to the Ministry of Education’s digital technologies implementation support tool. It starts at being ‘2020 ready’ and supports you to continue to get into the detail of the curriculum content, grow your own understanding and ‘leading and innovating’, by supporting you to feel confident with an Ako style of teaching and learning.

To read more about the Digital technologies implementation support tool click here