Accessible online

Starts: 4:30 p.m. Monday 3 August, 2020

Ends: 5:00 p.m. Monday 10 August, 2020

Cost: Free!



A two part series exploring the Technology Learning Area - The why, the what, and the how to support our learners.

During these sessions we will unpack the Technology learning area and its strands. We will help you with understanding the content, why it is important, and where to find information and resources.

  • Part 1 - Monday, 3 August 4.30pm - 5.00pm
  • Part 2 - Monday, 10 August 4.30pm - 5.00pm

This virtual meetup is aligned to the Ministry of Education’s digital technologies implementation support tool and starts at 'now underway'. It supports you to unpack the details, get organised for change, through being '2020 ready', to 'leading and innovating', by supporting you to feel confident with an Ako style of teaching and learning.

To read more about the Digital technologies implementation support tool click here