Starts: 3:30 p.m. Tuesday 24 March, 2020

Ends: 5:00 p.m. Tuesday 24 March, 2020

Cost: Free!

Southland Girls' High School
328 Tweed Street
Georgetown, Invercargill
Southland region


Want help to prepare your students for our digital world? Extend your existing practice in the context of your local curriculum. You will come away with inspiration and easy, practical Digital Technology activities. 

Check your understanding of lower Progress Outcomes (CT/WhR 1 - 3 & DDDO/TtmTR 1-2).

Look at authentic context generation (both global and local) and cross-curricular opportunities. For example how to extend existing programming and DDDO skills to publish digital outcomes as part of larger projects in social studies/language arts/tikanga-ā-iwi programmes etc).

Follow a defined design process (Design Thinking is introduced as DDDO PO3).

At this level we want more physical computing (Makey-makey, making robots etc).

Provide opportunities for teachers to stretch into a wide range of tools and features (e.g from Scratch to Gamefroot) or extend deeper into teaching ‘about’ the tools they already know. In DDDO/TtMtR “choose the most appropriate software and file types”. In CT/WhR Students start using selection (if statements) and looking at the efficiency of algorithms (we often use unplugged activities with sorting algorithms for this).